Adolf Rothenberg (1893-1941)

Adolf Rothenberg was a merchant, deeply involved in the cultural life of the city. He wrote for professional periodicals on culture, he financed lectures by historians of art. He was a member of associations supporting and propagating the works of Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee. In Breslau he gather around him a circle of artists, including the siblings Hans and Grete Leistikow. In 1941 roku, because of Nazi persecutions, the collector committed suicide.

Description of the collection:

His collection included works by the top cubist artists: Picasso, Braque, Legér and Gris.

Categories of works of art in this collection: Painting (2)

Petra Hölscher, Die Akademie für Kunst und Kunstgewerbe zu Breslau: Wege einer Kunstschule 1791 – 1932, Kiel 2003, p. 222, 239

Localization: Breslau (Wrocław) - Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse 32 (today's ul. Powstańców Śląskich, the building no longer exists)
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