Wilhelm Perlhöfter (1878-1938)

Born in a Jewish family in Breslau, Willy Perlhöfter had a wholesale trade company of colonial wares. Along with his wife Helene de domo Schäfer (born 1883) he collected objects of arts and crafts which they willingly exhibited to the public. Old glass from their collection could be admired e.g. in the Jewish Museum in Breslau. At the beginning of 1938 Perlhöfter's company was taken over by the Nazis and soon after the collector himself was arrested and transported to the concentration camp in Buchenwald. After his release he emigrated with his family to Great Britain leaving all his property, including the art collection, in Breslau.

Duration of this collection in Silesia: end of 19th century - 1939
Description of the collection:

According to Alfred Schellenberg, the author of a monographic article on Wilhelm Perlhöfter's collection written for his 50th birthday, the collector developed his passion at school age already. His first acquisitions were chinaware items from an English manufacturer Wedgwood. Soon, supported by his wife, he expanded the collection with glass and ceramics objects originating in Venice, the Far East and also Bohemia and Silesia. In the Perlhöfters' apartment there were also paintings, watercolors and miniatures of local artists' works (among others by Amand G. Zausig, Johann Heinrich König and Karl von Rhaden). Some of them had previously belonged to the collection of the painter Adelbert Woelfl.

Categories of works of art in this collection: Painting (1)

Alfred Schellenberg, Schlesische Privatsammlungen I: Die Sammlung Perfhöfter, "Schlesische Monatshefte", 5 (1928), p. 377-383

Localization: Breslau (Wrocław) - Kirschallee 22
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