Hugo Naphtali, Olga Naphtali-Bielski
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Hugo Naphtali and his wife Olga née Bielski (born in 1873) were a family which belonged to the cultural elites of the pre-war Breslau (Wrocław). In 1911 the merchant Naphatli entered the Schlesische Gesellschaft der Vaterländischen Kultur. A Dutch composer Leander Schlegel dedicated his wife one of the march-works which he composed in 1909. The parents' artistic interests were relayed to their daughter Anna (born in 1900), who studied art history and in 1920 married a Berliner art dealer Georg Caspari (after his sudden death in 1930 she overtook the leadership of the Gallery in Berlin on her own). The Nazi persecutions reached the Naphtali family as well, Anna died in 1941, her mother one year later. Hugo's fate remains unknown.


Description of the collection:

In the Naphtalis' collection there were canvas paintings by leading European painters of the 19th century, among them Courbet and Pissarro. The collection was enriched also by works of the next generation: by Maurice de Vlaminck and Paul Signac. The works by native artists like Anselm Feuerbach, Max Liebermann, Max Slevogt, Wilhelm Leibl, Lovis Corinth or Wilhelm Trübner enjoyed high approval by the collectors as well. In 1927 in the Cassirer/Helbing Salon 22 artworks were offered at auction.

Categories of works of art in this collection: Painting (2), Drawing (1)

Paul Cassirer, Hugo Helbing, Deutsche und französische Meister des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts aus Berliner, Breslauer und anderem Privatbesitz,Berlin 1927 (Auction date: 17.5.1927)

Localization: Breslau (Wrocław) - Kleinburgstraße 7 (ul. Januszowicka 7)
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