Moll Margarete, , 1884-1977 / Moll Oskar,  1875-1947 - Breslau

Margarete and Oskar Moll

Margarete Moll (1884-1977), Oskar Moll (1875-1947)
Creators of the collection:

The couple of artists settled in Breslau in 1919 when Oskar Moll took the position of the director of the Academy of Fine Arts. Until 1932, when the academy was closed and the Molls left Breslau, in their apartment in Schlossplatz 4 one could admire one of the largest collections of Henri Matisse's paintings in Germany.

Duration of this collection in Silesia: 1919 - 1932
Description of the collection:

The highlights of the Molls' collection were a portrait of Margarete Moll and "Nasturtiums with the Painting "Dance I"" by Matisse. The couple possessed over 20 canvases by Henri Matisse, with whom they were both acquainted for many years. They also owned at least 9 paintings by their friend and mentor Lovis Corinth, including the portraits of both of them. Corinth portraited also Oskar's elder brother, Theodor. The Molls' apartment in Breslau was adorned with works by Picasso, Braque, Legèr and Munch as well.

Categories of works of art in this collection: Painting (7)

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Localization: Breslau (Wrocław) - Schlossplatz 4 (pl. Wolności)
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