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Theodor Loewe

Theodor Loewe (1855-1935)

The writer Theodor Loewe, educated as a philosopher, settled in Breslau in 1890. He took the position of the literary director at the City Theatre. At that time he also managed the Theatre Thalia and the Theatre of Lobe, all of which prospered under his supervision. He decided to diversify the repertoire - the City Theatre staged operas and Lobetheater - dramas. In 1911 Loewe also became the artistic director of the musical theatre. He died in 1935 and, as a member of the Jewish commune of Breslau, he was buried in a Jewish cemetery in today's ul. Lotnicza.

Duration of this collection in Silesia: 1892 - 1935
Description of the collection:

The core of Loewe's collection were works of Austrian and German painters, such as Lovis Corinth, Gustav Klimt, Hans Makart, Anton Franz Maulpertsch, Rafael Mengs and Moritz von Schwind, as well as a Swiss Arnold Böcklin. The collection featured numerous canvases of Italian artists, including Jacopo Bassano, Domenico Beccaffumi, Alessandro Magnasco, Tintoretto or Tiepolo. There were also paintings by French (Boucher, Bourguignon, Nattier, Pesen, Poussin) and Dutch and Flemish painters (van Dyck, Fyt, Mieris, Ostade).

Categories of works of art in this collection: Painting (5)

Galerie Direktor Dr. Theodor Loewe, Breslau, 5-6 November 1929, Matthias Lempertz, Köln 1929


Loewe's painting gallery was auctioned in the antiquary shop of Matthias Lempertz in Cologne in 1929.

Localization: Breslau (Wrocław) - Tauentzienplatz 10b (today's pl. Kościuszki)
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